IMG_20200404_165450811Heathenry is a spiritual, religious and cultural practice revived and reconstructed from the indigenous practices of the Germanic tribes in pre-Christian Northern Europe. We honor many gods and goddesses, such as Woden, Thunor and Frig, as well as the spirits of the land and our ancestors, and we value community, family and responsibility – in our own lives and in relationship with others. We honor the Earth as sacred and the source of all the wealth and nourishment that sustains us.

Historically, the Germanic culture spread throughout Scandinavia, modern-day Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as much of the British Isles. During the Viking Age, Greenland and some small outposts in eastern Canada were influenced by Germanic culture as well. Today, the “Western Culture” of America and Britain has strong roots in these ancient practices, though significantly changed through conquest and conversion by the Roman Empire and Christianity. For many, practicing Heathenry allows us to look back to the roots of our culture for a more balanced, community- and nature-based worldview than modern culture provides with its emphasis on consumerism and individualism.

Heathen groups each have distinctive traditions and perspectives, while sharing a common core of myths, rituals and values. Some of the unique aspects of Chase Hill’s practice can be found under Ritual Practices. Descriptions of the foremost gods and spirits that we honor at Chase Hill can be found under Our Gods.

Chase Hill believes firmly in the worth of all individuals, regardless of race, national or cultural background, sex, gender identity and expression, or sexual orientation. We honor the diversity of humanity and human culture and do not believe that our way is any more true or valid than any other. We welcome guests of all paths and backgrounds at our rituals, asking only that they respect our tradition in the same way.

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