Our community generally holds rituals on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon of each month in the Anglo-Saxon calendar, with some yearly variation. In-between these times, we also hold workshops and song nights, smaller gatherings and rituals, and Work Days. Chase Hill Work Days are an opportunity for us to give back to the land that hosts us, and we have often brewed mead, mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, rebuilt pathways, and many other tasks.

The following dates are our currently scheduled rituals, and these may be subject to change. Smaller events and work days are often announced via email, Facebook, and Discord for members, frequent guests, and friends of Chase Hill. If you are interested in attending a Chase Hill Ritual, please visit our Attending Ritual page and email us.

Covid-19 Note: While we hope it is safe to gather in-person again this year, we are following all State of Vermont guidance on in-person gatherings and restrictions for the safety of the Chase Hill residents and our local community. We will communicate updates to the Chase Hill community as restrictions change.

Geola (Yule – Double Month) EnDS February 11th

Solmonath (Cake Month) – February 12th – March 13th

  • Saturday, February 27th – Aecerbot Ritual

Hrethmonath (Hrethe’s Month) – March 14th – April 11th

  • Saturday, March 27th – Hrethe Blot

Eosturmonath (Eostre’s Month) – April 12th – May 11th

  • Saturday, April 24th – Eostreblot

Thrimilcemonath (Three-Milk Month) – May 12th – June 10th

Litha (Litha – Double Month) – June 11th – August 8th

  • Saturday, June 26th – Midsummer Blot
  • Saturday, July 24th – Njorð Blot

weodmonath (vetch month) – August 9 – september 6th

  • Saturday, August 21st – Frey Blot

Haligmonath (holy month) – September 7th – october 6th

  • Saturday, September 18th – Harvest Blot

Winterfylleth (Winter Full Moon) – October 7th – November 4th

  • (Friday, October 8th – Monday, October 11th – EarthSpirit’s Twilight Covening)
  • Saturday, October 23th – Closed Winternights (Members only)
  • Sunday, October 24th – Open Winternights Ritual

Blotmonath (Ritual Month) – November 5th – December 4th

  • Saturday, November 27th – Skaði Blot

Geola (yule – Double Month) – December 5th – February 1st, 2022

  • Monday, December 20th – Mother’s Night (Yule begins at sundown)
  • Saturday, January 1st (2022) – Yule Ritual (Yule ends at sundown)