Our community generally holds ritual on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon of each month, following Swain Wodening’s reconstruction of the Anglo Saxon calendar.  The following dates are currently scheduled for our upcoming events; all dates for rituals are subject to change.  If you are interested in attending a Chase Hill Ritual, please visit our Attending Ritual page and email us.

Geola (Yule – Double Month) – December 13th – February 7th

  • Friday, December 18th – Music & Lore Night: Yule Traditions
  • Saturday, December 26th – Yule Ritual, Feast & Symbel
  • Friday, January 15th – Music & Lore Night: Disir – the Great Ladies of Heathenry
  • Saturday, January 23rd – Disablot

Solmonath (Cake Month) – February 8th – March 8th

  • Friday , February 12th – Music & Lore Night: Anglo Saxon Poetry
  • Saturday, February 20th – Aecerbot Ritual

Hredmonath (Hrede’s Month) – March 9th – April 6th

  • Friday, March 18th – Music & Lore Night: The Nine Noble Virtues
  • Saturday, March 26th – Blot TBA

Eosturmonath (Eostre’s Month) – April 7th – May 5th

  • Friday, April 15th – Music & Lore Night: TBA
  • Saturday, April 23rd – Eostre Blot, Feast & Symbel

Litha (Litha – Double Month) – June 5th – August 1st

  • Friday, June 17th – Community Lore Night – Members Only
  • Saturday, June 18th – Midsummer Blot, Feast & Symbel – Members Only

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