Yule Altar 2014

December 25th, 2014

Presented by Will Rowan at Yule Symbel 2014

Hearken now, O Symbel Sitters and listen well a while
A story of past years I sing to you, a yelp of deeds now done

On Chase Hill’s stead a sturdy few began to gather for Blot
Not many at first, but more later joined the worthy work

‘Twas Trevor first, that friend of the Gods who carried a cup for Ing-Frey
Then joined by Will they wetted the dry and thirsty earth for Thunor

‘Twas then the folk in frosting time took tromping tread to the woods
They found a glade, a forest clearing and by its side a Birch tree

A tile there they set in the center and round it ranged all five
Offerings they gave and gifts of drink to the ladies of law and wyrd

In that place were brought pieces of stone and heaped in harrow form
There horns were raised to the hallowed Gods and the stones were slipp’ry with hlot

As greater numbers gathered there the stone-pile grew in stride
The bold-hearted folk moved boulders on sleds and piled the harrow higher

Around these stones the stalwart folk worshiped the worthy Gods
They chanted praise to Chase Hill’s wights, and songs they sang together

In daring soon Dennis’s son gave voice to a solemn vow
That in a year in every month a blot would he there lead

A year of blots, on Yule the twelfth that daring hero held
His vow fulfilled the God-friend got an oath-ring forged of iron

To fence it off the folk procured a chain for chase hill’s harrow
So Trevor and Will in winter’s heart with frosty fingers hung it

At Winternights the noble folk gave titles to their leaders
Trevor they hailed as Harrow Goði and Will they bid to be Blót-karl

Lynn, Trevor, and Will with Wolfhame’s drawings a songbook made to sell
A record of songs written for the folk, a gladsome tome of glee

The Fifth year of the Folk’s bold time was strong with story and deed,
Joy and Lynn with the lamb’s cloak made a banner bold for the folk

To Rites of Spring a retinue went, where many pagans meet,
Chase Hill raised their banners about their tent and victory hailed at Vilgali

At summer’s waxing, Will went to the wood and made a maple fall,
With chisels sharp and shaping knives carved a figure of Frey

Offerings then the folk threw into a hole in the earth,
Beside the harrow, they hoisted up the Lord of the World’s Weoh

Before their Blots, the folk began to sit in honor of ancestors,
Grain they gave and stones they laid to deepen their link with the dead

Wolfhame and Trevor, that tender couple made oaths to each other at Chase Hill
Their families came and feasted on pork, and with fire the folk brought them ho

At Winternights, the wise folk gave honor to all-working Lynn,
Their harrow-dís they hailed her then, and a shawl they set on her shoulders

At Yule the largest gathering yet, fifteen sat at symbel
With song they toasted to Sunne bright and bid the ne
w year to begin.

These are the deeds, the doings mighty of a proud and worthy people
I raise the horn, now raise your voice to hail the Chase Hill Folk!

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