February 7th, 2015

The snow sifts gently down over Chase Hill — softly today, though it ebbs and flows with the winter.  The trees stand stark against the grey sky, edged in white, and in the fading light of this evening, Chase Hill Folk gathered to honor Skaði, the goddess of winter.  Torch light and drumbeats carried us from the light into the darkness as we honored our Ancestors, and then we gathered to venture out into the night once more, to hail the Shadowed one, Dweller-in-the-Rocks.  We offered Elderberry Mead, Black Currant Sparkling Juice, as well as evergreen boughs and losses, changes and transformations we are undergoing to the goddess who knows loss, and the strength that comes from it.

Together, we sang and ate at the cabin — a plethora of green salads brought on, one would suspect, by the yearning for green in the cold, wintery world around us — and engaged in deep discussions about the worldview of Western Culture, the problem of wolves, and the value of community.

What a blessing to share ritual with you all!  Hail, Skaði!

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